Supercharge your cash flow: free webinar series

Cash management is a core part of running a business. You know that. It’s not something you can afford to put on the backburner, but frankly, it can be a pain; distracting you from your real passion.

Forecasting your cash flow plays an important role in your finances. Whether you’ve got investment cash in the bank, or waiting on it to drop: you need to forecast the future, and see your business in new ways. It’s also key to weigh up how a boost from schemes like R&D Tax Credits can play along side that too.

Look at your cashflow (in and out) and make decisions based on how the year could unfold taking into account different scenarios.

82% of companies that go out of business do so because of poor cash flow visibility and management*. (Source Business Insider).

Blu Sky are Chartered Accountants have been on this journey themselves over the past 10 years, and use their knowledge to align their tech, digital and manufacturing clients financial plan with their long term plan.

To give as many businesses insight into the benefits they are running a series of webinars.


·       12 March: 6 critical steps to building a thriving business

·       23 March: Master cash management & take control of your business

·       31 March: Fund your innovation through R&D Tax Credits

Join their free webinar series and pick up lots of advice, and tips to help your business thrive.



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