Scholarships opening a world of opportunity for Northumbria students

Philanthropic donations are making a real difference to the lives of many students across the Northumbria University community. New externally funded scholarships are enabling high-achieving students, from traditionally under-represented backgrounds, to access the life-changing benefits that higher education brings.

A university degree enriches life and opens a world of opportunity. But for many, because of their social or economic circumstances, it can be out of reach, regardless of their academic talent. Partnering with alumni, businesses, and other supporters, Northumbria University has launched the Higher Education Without Barriers Fund, to provide scholarships for these students as part of the University’s wider programme of student support.

The Fund, launched early this year, has already raised over £500,000 and supported over 400 students. As well as scholarships, it is also providing hardship bursaries and funding for mental health and wellbeing initiatives, and the newly opened INTOUniversity learning centre, located in the East End of the City, which is a partnership between Northumbria and Newcastle Universities and  IntoUniversity, designed to support young people to fulfill their potential and achieve a place at university.

Northumbria alumnus, Dr Arnab Basu, Founding Chief Executive Officer of Kromek, who is supporting the Fund with scholarships, share his reasons for donating.

Arnab graduated from Northumbria in 1999 with a First-Class Honours degree in Materials Engineering. His donation, match funded by the University, has established an Engineering scholarship to support talented students from low-income backgrounds.

“I came to Northumbria as an international student in 1996, and I was fortunate to access scholarship support from the University. I am a passionate believer that science and technology will take this country forward, and I think it’s essential that we attract people from all walks of life to study STEM subjects. Having talented people who are unable to access university because of affordability is not a good thing and, if in my small way, I can help someone with the right qualifications come to Northumbria, get a degree, and make a difference in the world, that would be a fantastic thing.

“Northumbria has a wonderful scheme where an individual like me, or a business, can contribute to fund a scholarship, that is matched by the University, enabling a student to take up a full-time course. I hope that the recipient of my scholarship, will be able to make a meaningful impact in industry and society, but most importantly, in their own life and the lives of their family.

“I owe a lot to Northumbria, the University has had a big impact on my life, where I am today, and what I do, and it is a real privilege to support the Higher Education Without Barriers Fund. For anybody who is thinking about whether to get involved, I would say, don’t hesitate, every little bit helps, and by donating to this Fund you will make a difference. Just do it!”

Northumbria is partnering with alumni, businesses, and other supporters, to provide a range of financial initiatives, mental health and wellbeing services, and community-based projects to make participation and progression in higher education more achievable for academically talented students, regardless of their social or economic circumstances.

If you’d like to discuss how you can get involved. Please contact James Wilkinson

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