Improved oversight and analytics are among several benefits provided by the latest generation of subscription-based quality assurance software from Mesma.

Mesma is used by a range of education and employment support providers and regulatory and accreditation bodies to simplify complex QA processes, ensuring management information is used to target resources in the areas that have the most impact on the quality of learner and customer experience and outcomes.

The intuitive platform helps managers build the ‘story’ of their learners and service users through combined technologies to enable people to take ownership of all aspects of the quality improvement cycle including self-assessment, deep dive enquiries and observations of teaching. The result is more impact-focused QA activities, which identify and helps to prioritise improvements with a clear sight over the requirements of core stakeholders, such as Ofsted in England.

It is the only platform that offers end-to-end quality assurance processes to organisations across these critical sectors, supporting accreditation and regulatory bodies and has increased capability for colleges, universities, training providers, employers, and employment support providers to simplify their approach.

Featuring an easy-to-use dashboard to coordinate a broader range of quality assurance activities, Mesma allows users to interrogate data quickly and centralise the management of important functions alongside more effective monitoring and feedback on progress against improvement plans. It offers a clear alternative to in-house built systems which often struggle to provide real-time insight and can be laborious, hard to maintain, and inefficient.

The updated platform delivers greater flexibility to department and team managers to engage their teams in QA activities and provides data that can be analysed holistically to give a comprehensive picture to aid clear decision making and more targeted actions to deliver measurable impact.

Additional mapping of external regulatory and accreditation frameworks underpins evaluation, analysis, and report generation for those people navigating multiple regulators with overlapping requirements. New products are in development which would not have been possible without the updated technology, including the planned   quality calendar functionality to coordinate annual cycle of quality improvement and a benchmarking tool to compare QA outcomes

Current Mesma ‘insightQ’ clients are being supported to transition to the second-generation version as the technology is rolled out in 2022 to both existing and new users.

Louise Doyle, CEO at Mesma, said the latest platform offers an improved look and feel and all-round heightened performance: “We have invested heavily to meet our clients’ diverse requirements and provide them with a new generation of tools to have more impactful conversations with their teams around quality. Having clear quality improvement plans in place helps them to target  resources more effectively, delivering better provision and measuring of impact on learners and customers in the process.”

Mesma uses its expertise in quality management working with partners to provide free tools to support improvement in the education and employment support sectors. This includes the launch of the Learning Difficulties and Disabilities QI framework with Cognassist and Safeguarding online training with Sub-10. More at


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