launches on-premises software for large companies

On a mission to provide the right tools and support for developing world-changing, trustworthy AI, announced today a new product for large companies which includes on-premises software deployment.

With the newly released ‘Enterprise’ product, large companies can opt for an on-premises deployment of’s Machine Learning Operations software, as an upgrade to its cloud-based service. Companies choosing the Enterprise product will also benefit from on-going support from a dedicated Engineer in accordance with clients’ service level agreements.

“It’s paramount that delivers the right solutions for our customers. That’s why we carefully consider how we best meet the needs of our different user groups,” says Bill Shepherd, CEO of “We’ve talked with large companies over the last few months and we’ve decided to develop our new product for software on the ground – not just in the cloud.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will revolutionise healthcare, improve outcomes for patients and support medical practitioners around the world. But for people to benefit from trustworthy AI, the process for developing AI products must be made easier. With the goal of trustworthy AI  in mind, launched its innovative software platform last July to support teams who are developing AI solutions for healthcare, biomedicine and pharmaceuticals.



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