Excelpoint welcomes Business Studies students from Carmel College Sixth Form

North East-based tech firm Excelpoint welcomed Maja Kowalska, Hannah Board, and Jessica Cowan from Carmel College Sixth Form, Darlington, for a marketing work experience week, allowing them to gain invaluable insights, paving the way for their future careers in the business world.

With aspirations to pursue apprenticeships and higher education in marketing and business, their work experience week became a pivotal step in shaping their paths toward success. Maja, Hannah, and Jess eagerly immersed themselves in the work experience, acquiring a versatile skill set through their tasks of creating blogs, writing press releases, photography, market analysis, data collection, and creating and uploading social media posts whilst attending marketing, branding, and team meetings.

The depth of experience gained has enriched their learning and professional development. Maja commented: “One of our main accomplishments was the creation of a blog, focusing on the topic of no-code software, proving insights into its importance and the benefits of it in today’s business world.” Hannah added: “We had the opportunity to create a social media post about the blog, selecting relevant imagery and sharing it across Excelpoint’s social media platforms.”

Jessica added: “Following a session learning about the role of PR, we showcased our journalism skills by crafting a compelling press release highlighting the success of a consultancy apprentice within Excelpoint and worked with the apprentice to produce photography to go alongside the piece.”

Showing professionalism and confidence, the students collaboratively updated the Excelpoint head office staff on their progress during a business meeting and have developed many skills such as communication, teamwork, cooperation and coordination, time management, and organisation to help them in the future.

Loraine Henderson, Chief Marketing Officer at Excelpoint, reflected: “This is the first time we have taken students for a week’s marketing experience as previous engagements have been for positions across our technical teams. I cannot emphasise enough the value of welcoming the students to Excelpoint. Throughout the week, they have contributed considerably to the marketing team’s objectives with their efforts, and their work has been of an excellent standard featuring across our website, social media, and business press. They have shown dedication, teamwork, adaptability, and professionalism within the workplace.

“They are a credit to Carmel College, and I hope they have taken away many learnings and aspirations during their time but, importantly, enjoyed the experience.”

If you are an educational establishment interested in learning more about Excelpoint and the opportunities available to students through practical and work-related experience, please contact Loraine Henderson at 01325 375930, email hello@excelpoint.co.uk, or visit www.excelpoint.co.uk.


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