Dynamo Advisory Board’s Inaugural Meeting and Merger Update: Charting the Future of North East Tech

Last month, the newly appointed Dynamo Advisory Board convened its first quarterly meeting to help drive the growth and success of the North East technology sector.

The group first discussed the merger update and then discussed challenges and opportunities to explore such as:

  • Successfully Navigating Startups and Scale-ups
  • Nurturing Talent and Collaboration
  • The Rising Perception of the North East Tech Sector
  • Increasing Diversity in the Tech Sector in the North East
  • How to Get More R&D Spend
  • Levelling up the Dynamo Membership

If you’re passionate about the North East tech sector, we’d love you to get involved!

Merger Update

Last year tech sector network Dynamo North East merged with fellow not-for-profit organisation Sunderland Software City (SSC) to enhance a shared mission: growing the North East tech sector.

While the two share a common purpose, each organisation has its own unique focus. SSC offers hands-on support to individuals and organisations via a suite of programmes, while Dynamo acts as the sector’s network. The two complement one another through shared insights and opportunity generation.

Ambition exists to increase Dynamo’s nearly 150 member-strong network. More members generate more sector insights, enhancing sector understanding and leading to more positive change.

Dynamo is committed to delivering impactful events exploring topics that matter to members, while coalescing the region’s tech sector to positively influence both regional and national policy.

Listening, Influencing and Growing Together

Ahead of the conversation, Advisory Board Chair James Bunting shared sector insights to contextualise the North East digital technology landscape.

Key sector statistics include:

  • The North East digital sector grew 25% between 2010 and 2020 while the GVA for all industries grew by 21% highlighting the sector’s potential to contribute to regional economic growth
  • Nevertheless this is the lowest rate of growth in the UK, with the North East growing 6% slower than Yorkshire and 8% slower than the North West
  • The North East’s share of employment in digital occupations is the lowest of all regions, 4.1% compared to 5.7% UK average
  • Over the 12 months between July 2021 and June 2022 there were more job postings for IT jobs than any other occupation in the region

Stats from: northeastlep.co.uk

In summary, while the region’s digital tech sector is growing at a rate more favourably than many of the North East’s other key sectors, we have a small tech sector compared to most of our UK regional counterparts.

It is therefore incredibly important to bring together key stakeholders and grow our collective voice to galvanise further growth and cement the region as a place capable of fostering world-class tech opportunities.

To find out more about Dynamo North East and get involved in the region’s tech network, contact Al (Aleasser) Alzein (Membership Engagement Manager) via: Al.Alzein@dynamonortheast.co.uk or 07719 030 607


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