Closing the gaming skills gap in the North East

It’s widely accepted that there’s a shortage of talent in the tech sector in the region and we’re not unique in facing this problem. What does make us unique however; is the fantastic support network that exists in this region.

With five excellent universities across the region producing thousands of tech graduates each year the gap should be closing, right? But in a world where there is no industry that has not been touched by technology the demand for high quality graduates is only growing.

Gaming is no different. In fact, in many ways the challenges are greater.

For the first time, Dynamo North East has brought business support agencies and academia together with industry to delve into what the challenges are and really understand how to overcome them.

It was important to us to involve other organisations, such as Sunderland Software City, Digital Union and PROTO because much work is already being done to try and close the skills gap. What Dynamo does not want to do is duplicate or dilute the fantastic work our colleagues are doing, we want to offer support and collaborate to amplify the effects.



This report outlines the key challenges that came out of the discussions and initiatives we’re aware of that are already making change. It also offers up some suggestions of what actions Dynamo could take, along with our members’ support, to try and overcome some of these challenges.

If you know of any other projects already in existence or in the pipeline, working towards combating some of these problems, please get in touch and likewise if you’d like to be involved in any future Dynamo activity around gaming skills, we’d love to hear from you:



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