Charting the Future of North East Tech: Three Steps to Transform the Perception of the North East Tech Sector

The Dynamo Advisory Board convene regularly to discuss how to help drive the growth and success of the North East technology sector. How do you think the world views the North East? Are we still a hard-grafting ship and coal region? Or, are we poised to be recognised as the UK’s Silicon Valley?

If you’re passionate about the North East tech sector, we’d love you to get involved.



Despite the group believing the North East boasts a wide variety of remarkable businesses and individuals, the fact remains that poor data rankings position the region rather unfavourably on the national stage.

In turn, this poor perception can act as a barrier to investors, talent and even media bothering to engage and explore opportunities in the region. It was agreed that those responsible for promoting the region have a tough task.

This predicament leads to an ambitious balancing act. On one hand, there is the need to address the blunt reality of the region’s current status. Simultaneously it is imperative to reframe its narrative to reflect the potential for growth and innovation.

There is a clear gap in aligning perceptions with the actual strengths and opportunities the North East tech sector has to offer and we must bridge this gap to achieve our aspirations.

Lauren Bradshaw says “The media tends to enhance stereotypes regarding the north-south divide rather than challenging it, and assumptions made about our region are often inaccurate and overlook the rich ecosystem of research and businesses we have here, not to mention the wider impact this makes nationally and internationally.”



The group suggested focusing efforts across three main areas to tackle the issue.

Step 1: Shifting the Narrative

The critical first step to improving the perception of the North East tech sector is to craft a narrative that emphasises our strengths and achievements.

By focusing on the positive aspects and successes of the region, both internally and externally, the sector can create a more favourable perception.

As suggested by Michele Gettins, there should be a push to highlight our region’s accomplishments, showcasing our innovative organisations and sharing inspiring stories within the community. The emphasis should be on the North East’s potential to thrive and punch above its weight, rather than dwelling on past shortcomings.

Step 2: Collaborative Engagement

The second step involves collaborative engagement with investors, stakeholders, and the wider tech community.

By organising events, investor days, and networking opportunities, we can attract external investors and strategic partners. Creating opportunities for tech organisations in the North East to participate in events in London and share their success stories will allow our tech sector to enhance its perception and build relationships with investors and collaborators.

Step 3: Harnessing Regional Advantages

The final step is to leverage regional strengths and unique selling points. By promoting the achievements that are already within reach, will begin to rewrite our tech sector as a recognised and innovative player on the national stage.

Some examples within Dynamo would be to promote the Dynamo Dynamites’ success stories and to showcase the best of the best to the nation. Additionally, exploring the potential of the TechNExtFestival to bring investors to the North East and provide first-hand exposure to the region’s tech scene can also help improve our tech sector’s reputation.

Even going as far as to capitalise on the transformative impact of Newcastle United Football Club and the positive image associated with it would improve the perception of the North East.

By implementing these three steps, the North East tech sector can work towards transforming its perception and driving positive change within the region and beyond.



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